Random sceneries from Poland

A collection of holiday snapshots from a trip to mother-in-law’s place

About the person behind the work

Born in the late eighties, Jani Penttinen is a photography hobbyist from North Karelia, Finland. He started photographing at the turn of the millennium, and soon the hobby grew into a daily tonic. Photographing has become a way of seeing and experiencing the world, leading to an opportunity for self-reflection, and occasionally – for losing one’s temper. History, geometry, architecture and documenting are close to Jani’s heart, and the images echo this.

A few words about the series itself

This volume is part of a project in a state of constant metamorphosis, and one which will keep evolving and expanding over time. In form or another, it will be kept alive at the address below:

The photographs in this collection were taken through July and August of 2019, and as their common denominator is a journey from the land of potato gruel to a city of Puławy in Poland. In Puławy, lies my mother-in-law’s place – a place that never runs out of onions, potatoes and hearty meat stews. Broadly speaking however, this volume takes you for a journey to the villages and towns of Lublin’s provinces; on which grounds, it quite readily lends itself to serving as a personal guide to new adventures: one could use it to map out a picture of where to go in Poland, and which spots to visit again.

Lublin Voivodeship is one of Poland’s 16 provinces and is located in the country’s Eastern part. The Voivodeship covers an area of roughly 25,000 square kilometers (9652mi²), and its capital is Lublin.

The birth of this volume was made possible by my mother-in law with her little pipe, my partner Angelika, Hades the cat, and Riku Wallin.

All rights to the images are reserved.